A brief story of Maryke's Awakening Journey

This is a brief outline of Maryke's journey through life, limitation, performance and how she awakened to her multidimensional nature and gifts. It was filmed as part of a project called "The Great Awakening" by Ermond Machina 2016

Maryke Del Castillo - Master Keeper of the Codes of Light

Catapulted into a state of Oneness after being hit by a car in 1997, Maryke Del Castillo then embarked on a unique and powerful journey of healing, reconnection and expression.   This journey has seen her create a decorated career of 16 years as a performing artist circus/theatre, performing in 15 different countries.

Having her channel opened consciously during a Jikiden Reiki workshop in a Mystery School in Ireland in 2008, Maryke began to consciously connect with the "subtle world". In 2011 she recieved a Heart Activation which accelerated her awakening and she connected with a natural capacity to speak a large range of languages of which she had no prior knowing (Languages of Light).  The speaking of these languages seemed to repeatedly facilitate spontaneous healings and rememberings in those who heard them.

Using these languages privately for a number of years, Maryke found that they opened an energy space to release any trauma which came to the surface, and connected her into a greater level of grounding of her divine essence in the physical body. They also allowed her to access her multidimensional aspects and the incredible capacities she has mastered in these other "times and places".

It has been a deep Soul Re Membering 

Maryke is a Master Activator she functions as a Divine Master Key from a space of Presence/Unconditional Love and channel the required Keys and Codes for People and Places.

She also has a profound connection with our Bleoved Planet and is Called to anchor Light in many place she is drawn to travel to. Singing and dancing the Language of Light, creating Crystal Grids and holding Sacred Ceremony.

In 2013 she "Reconnected" with Master Selenite Sword Maker Tom Ledder USA and Remembered these powerful Incredible Tools of Light. She now travels with Tom when he comes to Australia sharing the Wisdom and teaching others to use the Selenite Swords of Light.

Her passion is now to share these spontaneous and intuitive languages with others, to assist others in connectimng and trusting their Intuition and to reconnect others with the Joy of Sacred Space. She offers private sessions DIVINE WONDER SESSIONS  through public sharing in SACRED SOUND EVENTS, and to facilitate workshops to awaken this capacity in others AWAKEN YOUR SOUL MAGIC and in Ceremony through DAWN SACRED ADVENTURES.


"My greatest love is to help others connect with their own Divinity, their own Presence"

Maryke Del Castillo