Light Language Workshop Participant - Tesimonials


Feedback from Previous Light Language Level 1 Workshops


I've done a lot of workshops (consciousness) and I honestly feel like this weekend has given me more than every other workshop I've ever done put together.   I usually feel great after workshops, but when I return to normal life, it doesn't stay.  This time I really feel that I'm going to take this (shift) back into my life.

Roger - Sunshine Coast  


I have a noticeable change (In myself)

No Going Back!

Thankful for my new way of being.  

Totally blessed and grateful to have shared space with each and every one of you (workshop participants).  

I will never be the old same (Me) again!

Sherri -Sunshine Coast


This was the Best workshop I have ever done!

For the very first time ever I stayed in my right brain for the whole weekend.  So much play. So much connection and growth.  So may fears conquered without even realising.  Maryke and Troy create such a heart filled environment of love, that you cannot help but just open your own heart and receive all that is on offer during this (the workshop).  

Do yourself a favour and book in!

Sandra - Sunshine Coast


What an amazing weekend
My heart could not do anything but open in your presence
Big big thank you Beautiful and to Troy and everyone at the workshop
Much love ❤️❤️. Irene - Sunshine Coast

Oh love, what an amazing ride this weekend has been! Thank you thank you thank you and your gorgeous man so much for creating a safe and joyous space for all of us to break through! I love you ♥ ♥
Irene - Sunshine Coast

Wow! What a workshop. Thanks to Maryke and Troy, a magical, fun filled,joyous, healing enlightening 2 days, can't wait for level 2.
Janis - Bribie Island

You have expressed it so well Janis, 2 days of opening, allowing love & magic into our lives, thank you Maryke & Troy, looking forward to the next level. ♥ 
Rochelle- Sunshine Coast

thank you maryke. you have given me the doorway to a more enriched and powerful life with endless new beginnings. so blessed to be a part of a wonderful joyfilled weekend. it brought the childlike wonder back into my life. xx

wow wow wow what an amazing heart filled weekend, I learnt and discovered soooo much. To journey with such heart filled aware heart wise facilitators as Maryke and Troy was and is such a gift. From my heart thankyou.......


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"A highlight of the weekend were the sessions conducted by Maryke del Castillo. Her unique technique of utilising voice,sacred language, toning and movement to attune people to their heart which enabled profound healing to be experienced by all(Healers included). 

My personal experience was that Maryke's technique was subtle but inevasible which allowed the healing to occur on all levels, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional & Mental. 

The vibration received was undiluted unconditional Love with no imprint from the healer. 

When I questioned Maryke about this she explained that when she is working with someone, she is there for them completely and that she has no agenda.

In Maryke's words, "There is nothing to fix, it is a facilitation of their own connection with their Divinity." 

It was obvious to me that while Maryke was working, she was "Healing the Healers" by attuning them with their hearts, activating & expanding their modality's capacity to vibrate necessary healing. 

From my Heart I believe that having a session with someone as uniquely gifted as Maryke will transform your life on so many levels I highly recommend her to you without reservation

Patrick Pope 




“I experience amazing healing when I have a session with Maryke. 

 I love how interesting, fun and vibrational her style of healing is.

 I have had two treatments so far and have felt a huge shift in my energy.

 I would have another session in a heartbeat.”

 Dr. Shakira Husain, Chiropractor and Emotional Release Practitioner


“Maryke is an incredibly talented one of a kind healer.

She represents and completely embodies a new way of translating love into everyday life. 

Maryke expands people’s ability and opportunity to love unconditionally.

I feel this everytime I work with her and it helps me grow this capacity in myself” 

Cameron Searl

Erth Physical Theatre Inc



“I had an incredible experience during a healing session with Maryke. I shapeshifted into a dolphin and travelled deep into the core of my heart, awakening, activating deep love. 

Maryke shows compassion towards people that I have never before seen, melting hearts, clearly allowing people to resonate with their own love in their own hearts. 

One of the best healers I have ever met”

Jodie Naumann- Healer ,Tarot and Rune Reader and Teacher


“I am so happy to tell you that I have really felt a great change overcome me since your session.

I can't begin to explain what happened but it is as if my body can now push back stress into a much more realistic perspective and I can truly relax into a peaceful zone. 

I can handle my stresses E.g. Speaking a public meetings with much more ease. I seem to know it will be okay. My mind even prevents me from focusing on the stress.

All I know is that I have been uplifted from the pitiful depth I think I had been living in for some time. 

Thank you so much.

Much love to you”

Lesley Henry


"That was the most powerful healing I have ever had.Thank You. I feel as clear as a diamond!

Suzy Flowers, Sound Healer


“Maryke is one of the most positive and uplifting person I have met for some time.

 The vibrational energy healing she did for me was a life changing experience that was absolutely well worth it.

 Highly Recommended.”

 Colin Saunders