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Divine Wonder Session Healing and Transformation

Price: 150.00 AUD
Divine Wonder Sessions~ Personal Transformational Healing Sessions with Maryke Love Yes! I am ready to come into my Soul's Alignment #Expansive #Divine #Empowering In person, Messenger call, Skype or phone Light Language Channel Master Keeper of the Codes of Light Master Selenite Sword Practitioner Sound Healer Crystal Healer *Crystalline *Shamanic *Galactic *Angelic *Elemental* Accessing the intelligence and power of Unconditional Love Maryke is Honoured to hold space for you to come into Soul Alignment She has a natural gift which allows her to access all Realms to bring through the required energetic shifts activations and information for You .. with You Wonder Sessions work on many levels physical emotional spiritual and may involve •Akashic Clearing •Decommissioning outdated programs and beliefs •Recieving your Soul Name Song • Activations • Awakening new capacities • Releasing blocked stagnant energy • Activating the 5D energetic system which is vital to embodying the Heart Consciousness • Harmonising the bodies energy systems The result is more clarity more energy a deeper connection with self and something that is actually beyond words

Selenite Sword Activation/Reading

Price: 90.00 AUD
The session is 30 minutes and can be done in person ,by phone or Skype Once you place your order Maryke will contact you by text or email to arrange a time. or you can contact her directly

Vibrational Healing Music CD

Price: 25.00 AUD
LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE!! This is no ordinary music CD.. It is all sung in the incredibly healing Languages of Light. Use to lift the vibration in your home your healing space your Life! When used in conjunction with other healing modalities ie Massage Reiki Kineaiology Yoga Hypnotherapy it brings in a whole other level of energetic support and expansion A gorgeous way to connect to sacred space within Yourself Please visit the Vibrational Healing Music page on the "Services" link on this site for more information

Activated Jewellery Small Pendants

Price: 60.00 AUD
I personally activate your pendant with energy and light codes in alignment with your Divine Blueprint to support you in your beautiful Life. Mayan Shri Yantra 4.3cm $50 USD Curved seed of Life 4.5cm $50 USD Lotus Seed of Life 3cm $45 USD not pictured is Star Shri Yantra $50 USD please go to Activated Jewellery Page on this site to view image Thank YOU!!!

Activated Jewellery large Size

Price: 75.00 AUD
I personally activate your pendant with energy and light codes specific to You in alignment with your Divine Blueprint Shri Yantra 5.5 cm $55 USD Flower of Life 5cm $55 USD not pictured Lotus Shri Yantra approx 5.5cm $60 USD Lotus Flower of Life 5.5cm $60 USD not pictured Curved Seed of Life 5.5cm $60 USD Please indicate in your oder in the message section which design you'd like. The price includes postage and handling anywhere in Australia Please email me directly if you are overseas and i can invoice you the specific amount for delivery to your address Thank you!

Personal SoulSong

Price: 90.00 AUD
A beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. Personal SoulSongs can be ordered as a single SoulSong for $90AUD These are channelled energetic transmissions specifically designed for you, to assist you to connect to your Soul. Personal SoulSongs will act like a bridge for you to align with your Soul. Whatever you require, at any particular time will awaken within you when you listen to your SoulSong. This brings about healings, activations, realisations, clearings and accelerations as required.


Price: 20.00 AUD
Maryke is a unique channel Come and experience the magic of the heartspace Maryke holds. Light Language, Ancient songs and sounds, beautiful vibrational healing instruments and Crystals combine to create an unforgettable soulful evening 7pm-8.30pm in Rural View Mackay Bookings essential! $20 includes booking fee when you pay online i will have record of your payment through paypal See you there!

AWAKEN to YOUR MAGIC WITHIN a one day retreat

Price: 150.00 AUD
Give yourself a day to step out of your usual life to connect with the beautiful magic that lies inside each of us. This is not taught it is Remembered. Come and discover for yourself Sacred ceremony in Spiral. *Crystals *Music *Connecting to Nature Maryke is a very unique facilitator she lives and breathes what she shares. She has access to the wisdom of many realms and it is her passion to assist others to access their Divine Gifts and capacities. Venue: Wattle Cottage Alloway BUNDABERG 13 AUGUST 2017 9AM -4.30 PM $120 earlybird before 24 JULY 2017 midnight $150 after Bookings essential

Light Language The Divine Doorway - Deposit

Price: 100.00 AUD
Learn to speak Light Language and expand your self expression Non Refundable Deposit - Balance to be paid at the Event. Please Refer to the events page for more information.