Workshops, Events and Personal Sessions

She has been guided to work in particular with the Healers and Teachers to facilitate the expansion of their specific modality. The new Light Codes can then be shared with their community.

If you would like to have Maryke come and host a workshop or an event please contact her by email to discuss possibilities.

Crystal Wisdom Workshops

A day long workshop that deepens your connection to the Crystalline Realm

This is an experiencial workshop where you will bring your own crystals to use.  

You will also experience the incredible Selenite Swords of Light as I bring through a Light Body Activation using my magnificent Power Swords. for more information about these amazing Tools of Light

Sound Meditations

These events offer a beautiful opportunity to experience a deep connection to your Soul.

I channel Heart (Light) Language, Ancient Song, Crystalline Song, Dolphin and Whale Song Vibrational Healing Instruments to facilitate a space of Pure Oneness.

I am always Delighted to share with the Group Heart. 

If you would like to host an event I am happy to discuss possibilities.

Divine Wonder Session


In alignment with your Divine Blueprint you will recieve the required Energy

Through the Gateway of my Higher Heart, I work to bring through the Light Codes for your Expansion, Evolution and Transformation

Here are some of the process that clients have experienced

Akashic clearing, chakra opening and rebalancing, DNA Heart and Pineal Activations, Remembering, Kundalini Awakening, Releasing of stored trauma, Crystalline Attunements.

The energy transmitted during these powerful sessions will continue to integrate and embody after the session. These sessions are Life Transforming!!

I am available for an hour session $150 

or you may choose to experience

The Journey of Expansion and Remembering which is a series of 4 sessions $555