Free Activations - With Languages of Light

Recommended Usage:

Please note that these activations are a vibrational healing tool and should be used in a private and nurturing space.  They have for some, facilitated the unlocking of deep healing and purging of unconscious aspects, together with connecting people with their inner gifts.


About these Activations

These activations can assist you to activate your multidimensional self, allowing you to reconnect with your various gifts and healing for your current life experience.  They can be listened to individually, or as a series, however you will only be taken as far as you are ready to receive.

Earth Star Activation

Activate your Earth Star Chakra (below your feet by about 30cm) to receive energies from the Earth Mother, feeding up into your chakra column.

Heart Activation

Activate your Heart Chakra

Pineal Activation

Activate your pineal gland with the languages of light

Blessing and Activation from the Elementals

This is a blessing and activation from the elemental realm