About the Languages of Light

What are the Languages of Light?

The languages of light are a Frequency of Being.

Light language is a Soul language which completely bypasses the linear mind allowing us to directly access our Heart consciousness.

It delivers high frequency (5th dimensional and above) energy that assists with healing, transformation and shifts in consciousness.

From a metaphysical point of view, light language allows us to communicate directly with Source without the interference of the programmed human mind

Within each of of the sounds of light language is a vast reservoir of energetic information which delivers light codes to assist with healing and restoration on all levels -mental emotional 

physical and spiritual.

 Sound has been used as a healing tool for centuries. Light language is a form of sound healing, which has the ability to reprogram our thoughts, emotions, physical health, and even our DNA. One important function of the language of light is to reunite and integrate multidimensional soul aspects from parallel lifetimes, incarnations, and dimensions for a unified expression of wholeness -Oneness

 As your innate language to God/Source/Creation, it a vast and powerfully transformative divine language with comprehension well beyond the mind.