Sample Soul Song

Click here for a sample Soul Song sung by Maryke


Soul Songs - Connect to your Infinite Self!

Souls songs, as channeled by Maryke, are in the Languages of Light.  These songs are individually tailored to each person, and are an "energy package" of sounds which can help you connect more deeply with yourself. 

People who have heard their Soul Song have reported experiencing:

  • Greater connection with and a state of presence presence
  • Greater connection with their Soul.

Many who purchase a Soul Song, will listen to it over and over as they come to a greater alighment with the energies held within the song.



Purchase Your Soul Song

You can purchase your Soul Song on our online shop for $90

Maryke will record your soul song and then send you a web link to download the song.

 If you are based outside of Australia please Contact Maryke directly to order your SoulSong.

Changes Over Time

Over time, as you change, the Soul Songs will also change.

As you integrate a soul song, you may cease to feel the transformational qualities of the song.  This is a natural process of integration

As this occurs, you may wish to order another song, which will have different energies and information for you to integrate.