Private Sessions with Maryke

Connect into a Sacred Space of Healing and Transformation, to receive Light Codes for your Expansion, Evolution and Transformation

This is an entirely intuitive process, guided by your / Maryke's higher aspects.

Some of the process that clients have experienced include:

  • Akashic clearing,
  • Chakra opening and rebalancing,
  • DNA Heart and Pineal Activations,
  • Remembering,
  • Kundalini Awakening,
  • Releasing of stored trauma,
  • Crystalline Attunements.

The energy transmitted during these powerful sessions contines to integrate after the session as required by you.

Sessions run for approximately one hour - Energy Exchange $120

Book Your Private Session

Phone / Skype Sessions

Please contact Maryke to arrange your Phone/Skype session.  Payment can be made by bank transfer prior to your appointment. 


In Person Sessions

Please Contact Maryke to arrange your session.

Payment of $120 can be made at the session in cash.