Divine Wonder Sessions with Maryke

So what is a Divine Wonder Session? 


When you embark on a Wonder Session you leave the limitations of the 3D reality. You enter A Soul space that is Timeless and Infinite 


What you will experience will be totally unique to You. 


Whatever Codes energetic upgrades, activations, messages, clearing and healing required will be brought through for You ... With You. 

In person, Messenger call, Skype or phone 

Light Language Channel

Master Keeper of the Codes of Light

Master Selenite Sword Practitioner

Sound Healer

Crystal Healer

Accessing the intelligence and power of Unconditional Love

Maryke is Honoured to hold space for you to come into Soul Alignment 

Wonder Sessions work on many levels physical emotional spiritual and may involve

•Akashic Clearing

•Decommissioning outdated programs and beliefs

•Recieving your Soul Name Song

• Activations

• Awakening new capacities 

• Releasing blocked stagnant energy 

• Activating the 5D energetic system which is vital to embodying the Heart Consciousness 

• Harmonising the bodies energy systems 


Clients have experienced Diamond Light/Heart/DNA/Pineal/Merkabah & Kundalini Activations 


these are just some of the experiences there are others that are simply Beyond Words.

Sessions run for approximately one hour - Energy Exchange $150


Book Your Private Session

Phone / Skype Sessions

Please contact Maryke to arrange your Phone/Skype session.  Payment can be made by bank transfer prior to your appointment. 


In Person Sessions

Please Contact Maryke to arrange your session.