Sound Healing Tools of Light

These Amazing Albums connects You straight into the Divine!

So many Light Councils and Realms connected in to create these 2 albums and it is my absolute Pleasure and Honour to offer them to You.

The Codes and Energy contained within each of the transmissions are vast and beyond space and time. It is a divine living library of information that will keep working with you evolving as you evolve.


How do I use these Vibrational CD's?

For personal use

Many people listen to these through earphones for personal activations Soul alignment Expansion and Healing to maintain 5th Dimensional and above Vibration in your Body Temple

For use in Your Home or Office to clear and uplift the vibration in your space 

For relaxation and to assist in restful sleep.

There are Light Language Activation Codes within each track and listening will Awaken the pathways to speak and sing Light Language. 

For Practitioners

Yoga practise goes to a whole new level when you add the frequency of light language

Use in Ceremony to connect into the Divine Realms and set the Energy of the Space

Massage therapists love the support and high frequency that light language brings

Reiki and Light Language are a Heavenly combination!

The uses are Infinite~ Allow your Intuition to guide You


Click on this link to purchase and download your very own copy 

Professionally Recorded and Engineered 

Makes a Beautiful Gift for your Loved Ones or as a Self Nurturing Gift to Yourself


This Album takes you on a powerful Soul Journey connecting with many Realm and Councils of Light. The Gift of Light Language is that it allows you to bypass your linear mind and come into your Heart and Soul. I LOVED channeling this Album I created a Beautiful Crystal Grid and Sacred Stones Branches and Instruments assisted me. It is designed to support you during times of Transition and in maintaining optimal frequency in your Life

For Practioners this CD is designed to hold 5th Dimensional Light which will support and amplify the space you are already holding with you work. It contains Keys and Codes to Awaken your Soul Magic.


I recommend listening to it first at Home  before playing it in your car as it brings in altered states of Consciousness that are unsuited to driving a vehicle.



So much Joy and Love went into this Album for Starseeds, Crystal Children ,Indigo Children Rainbow Children and the INNER CHILD within YOU

It includes an incredible Light Language Story and an amazing Didjeridoo track 

There are so many Awakening Codes within this Album to assist You to Remember Who You Really Are.

Many people love to sing along with this Album

It is Uplifting Expanding and full of JOY!!