Sacred Geometry Vibrational Pendants

These beautiful sacred geometry pendants are hand crafted in the Holy city of Pushkar

It is my Honour and Joy to share the energy of these with you.



  • Seed of Life

    The Seed of Life is a Universal symbol that can be found in sacred places all over the world.It lies at the heart of the Flower of Life.Meditating upon this symbol will allow you access to a cosmic library of information.
    It is very nurturing symbol and represents Creation
    it is often worn for Blessing and protection
    Large 5.5cm Small 4cm

  • Lotus Flower of Life

    The Flower of Life is the physical representation of the connection we feel to all living things.That everything comes from the one Source. it depicts the cycle of creation.the information contained within this symbol is vast.It contains many other sacred geometries within it The Tree of Life, The 5 Platonic solids , Metatrons Cube, The design the pendant with the Lotus petals assists in the anchoring of the information and energy into your body.

  • Sri Yantra

    The Sri Yantra is the symbolic representation of the cosmic spiritual union of Shiva(Divine Masculine) and Shakti (Divine Feminine), the highest ultimate force in the Tantric form. The Sri Yantra the visual interpretation of the OM mantra, which is the primordial sound of creation. The Goddess Lakshmi is connected to the Shri Yantra she is the Goddess of prosperity and abundance.
    Available in Large 5.5cm

  • Lotus Seed of Life

    This design contains the Seed of Life and Lotus petals representing the Unfolding of our understanding and sacred pathways to express this unfolding
    Available in Large 5cm and small 3cm

  • Mayan Shri Yantra

    This is a very unique design it contains both the Mayan Ancient Wisdom and the Energis and Information of the Shri Yantra
    small 4.5cm